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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Great Winter Fashion

This young lady has an AMAZING sense of fashion. The fantastic winter coat with the large bow, purple tights with grey booties and a cute little dress peeping out of the bottom of her coat... FANTASTIC! Why can't more people put thought into their outfits. I discovered this young lady during a fire drill at Niagara College. The second I saw her I thought, "this girls got it! I want, no NEED, that outfit." The coat does top off how great this young lady looks! If only the rest of the world could look this good!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pigtail are NOT ok at a bar

I would hope that most of you that follow my blog will notice and acknowledge all that is wrong with this photo. I was out at a bar, enjoying a night out with the girls, listening to a rockin' band and this is what I saw. Naturally, I was shocked. Who goes out to a bar in a sweatshirt and pigtails? Pigtails are not appropriate, particularly these ones, the ones that are positioned on top of your head. These pigtails suit young girls under the age of 12. If you are over the age of 12, please keep your hair simple: low pony-tails are ok, fancy up do's are ok. Pigtails: NEVER ok, especially at a bar!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Philosphy

I am starting this blog to express my feelings about what I see on a daily basis: people and what they wear.

I understand that everyone has "those days", usually after a long night of dancing, or a high stress exam. In all fairness, I have my days too where all I want is to go out in my Lou Lou's and not care if I have showered or not. BUT this doesn't not occur on a weekly, or dare I say it, a daily basis. I don't understand how people forget to shower, wear sweatpants everyday and wear socks with their sandals.

Equally, I don't understand the people that claim "I don't care what people think of me".
Why do you do everything your power to get as much attention as possible then? Your safety pin vest and duck tape purse are all cries for attention, whether you think it is or not.

Do these people not own a mirror or do they just forget to look at it before they leave the house?

Now I don't claim to have the greatest sense of style. I do buy sale items and I don't always buy name brand clothing/shoes/accessories. But I can't pass a window without checking my reflection in it to ensure that my hair, clothes and makeup are just right. I like looking put together and sane. It shows confidence.

This blog is not a focus on ALL the bad fashion that is out there on a daily basis. I will also be discussion and praising those that I do see that have an awesome sense of style and really know how to put themselves together on a regular/daily basis. So please note that I will not just be mean and criticizing everyone, but I will be giving recognition when it is due. There are more people out there that have the same love of fashion as I do. There are more people out there that can take the extra 15 seconds to put on a pair of jeans, or tights with sweater dress before heading out into the public. Those people that stand out within that large crowd do deserve recognition.

Hopefully there are more posts on great fashion, but I fear that I will notice the really bad combinations. Those just tend to stick out more than all the good outfits. So, for the future, PLEASE put some effort into dressing yourself before stepping out into public because trust me, I am watching!