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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Creativity is Key

I understand that everyone wants to be "trendy". I want to be "trendy". But people, not every outfit has to be the same, tights, boots, oversized shirt. While this is both comfortable and the new in trend, you look like everyone else. If I can give a tip here, Don't over do one trend and forget about all the other clothes that are out there. Use your creativiity to put outfits together. Throw on a pair of jeans once in a while. Wear a dress. Maybe you will start a new trend.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Oscar's Fashion

This is a clip that explains some of the great fashion that hit the red carpet this weekend. Everyone looked beautiful! Hope you all watched it and enjoyed!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

One trend that NEEDS to end

I have just returned from a fabulous trip to Las Vegas, NV and the fashion, both the stores and people, are AMAZING.

However, I have noticed a new trend that I think is both unattractive and cheap, the JEGGING.

Now this is the legging that appears to be denim and yet is the same material as leggings (or tights). It looks terrible, as if your jeans are painted on your body. The worst pairs are the ones that are acid wash (Yes terrible '80's fashion is back) or the fake disstressed ones. It takes 2 seconds to put on a real pair of jeans and not immitation ones. And while a select few celebrities and fashionistas can pull the jegging off, the majority of the population can NOT. Your bum will always look better in a great pair of jeans.