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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Creativity is Key

I understand that everyone wants to be "trendy". I want to be "trendy". But people, not every outfit has to be the same, tights, boots, oversized shirt. While this is both comfortable and the new in trend, you look like everyone else. If I can give a tip here, Don't over do one trend and forget about all the other clothes that are out there. Use your creativiity to put outfits together. Throw on a pair of jeans once in a while. Wear a dress. Maybe you will start a new trend.

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  1. Agreed, trends are a reason to get lazy and forget about fashion (which right now I am guilty of). I think looking for inspiration for fashion in strange places helps. For instance I took a stroll down Kenzington Market this theres a place to get ideas (not sure if I will follow any of there trends but they made me beging thinking or my own for this summer). I know this does not have to do with clothing but I am really tired of headbands and hair accessories...I feel that eveyone should let it down shake it out and get craze this summer. Cannot wait for beach hair, lol.