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Sunday, March 7, 2010

One trend that NEEDS to end

I have just returned from a fabulous trip to Las Vegas, NV and the fashion, both the stores and people, are AMAZING.

However, I have noticed a new trend that I think is both unattractive and cheap, the JEGGING.

Now this is the legging that appears to be denim and yet is the same material as leggings (or tights). It looks terrible, as if your jeans are painted on your body. The worst pairs are the ones that are acid wash (Yes terrible '80's fashion is back) or the fake disstressed ones. It takes 2 seconds to put on a real pair of jeans and not immitation ones. And while a select few celebrities and fashionistas can pull the jegging off, the majority of the population can NOT. Your bum will always look better in a great pair of jeans.


  1. eww Sweet Jesus Molly B People actually wear this really???!! good god not right.

  2. I guess Ill have to resort to the yellow pants with the zippers. (refer to a couple posts below) lol

  3. lol to Chrissy..
    im not to big of a fan of these either and I have to comment that one thing i hate about leggings is that some people have forgotten there is such thing as pants or jeans (its an easy thing to do. Hey I wear leggings oen to two times a week. Although jeans are not as comfy as the leggings, your right mallory they do make you look good and you dont need a long shirt/dress to wear them.

  4. When I first saw the "jeggings" at a store, I thought it was a joke. My initial reaction was to laugh, and then walk outside the store to see if I was in the right one. When I see these jeggings, I think of children and bedazzlers. You won't catch me with them on, I'll promise you that. Haha.

  5. Oh yes the Jeggings...and oh yes we do have many styles and "washes" of them at our store.
    But let us not forget about their predecessor the Treggings, a mix between a trouser and a legging, they are a little bit thicker than the Jegging and do not always have to have a denim pattern.
    Soo classic...the best part is that these are their actual names, like we actually have to sign them as Jeggings and Treggings!!

  6. This is hilarious. I have seen a few of these in stores, but had no idea that they had their own name! Jeggings. Bizarre! I agree that they look very cheap, and acid wash wasn't really fun the first time! We don't need a second...

  7. I have to admit I was actually looking for a pair of these today. Mal they are going to grow on you. I saw them a year ago in Australia and I thought they were super ugly but now I want a pair.

  8. I have to agree with Ashley. personally, i feel like the jeggings are life savers. My booty does not allow me to find a good fit for jeans. By wearing the jeggings I don't feel so bad that I can't get a pair of jeans, and they work well because they look like jeans. I have a couple blouses that work with jeans, but because I dont own a good pair I can't pull of the look, but the jeggins allow me to do so.

    Stop hating kids lol. Jeggings to infinity!

  9. Mallory,

    As an advid PJ and sweatpants wearer I must say that these jegging pants are quite 'close'. Close to perfect (haha, I joke).
    When all else fails, a comfortable pair of jeans are the only thing I can wear during camping as well as a date! Long live the jeans.